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Upgrading Your Second-Hand Car? 5 Brand New Car Accessories Which You Can Install in it

Each year new car accessories hit the market that helps people to upgrade their old cars. To protect drivers, you require installing different car accessories Davao city for the better driving experience, safety, navigation, and comfort. We know that it is hard to buy a new car every few years with upgraded features and technology. […]

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Why is Reflective Tint the Best Option for Car Tinting?

Car tint installation could be of a number of kinds and the reflective tint is one of them. A reflective tint for the car is a mirror-like tint. These tints are available in a number of colours. Just like the other kinds of car tinting, reflective tinting also provides many advantages. The biggest advantage offered […]

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Love Night Time Driving? Here are a Few Accessories Which can Improve Your Experience

Do you love to drive at night? Driving in the night is a tough task due to various reasons. It can be a pain if you have not well prepared your car and equipped it with the latest accessories that can help in improving the night time driving experience. Driving in the night is a […]

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Top 3 Tips To Pick The Best Dashcam In Davao City

Dashcam or dashboard camera is a new addition for gadget lovers. Well, if you are too in this queue, then this gadget is definitely for you. It will give an added feature to your car. A Dashcam is placed just on the dashboard of the vehicle, and through the windscreen, it starts capturing the outside […]

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Install Legal Car Window Tint in the Philippines

Before you install car window tint in the Philippines, it’s important to understand the laws and regulations regarding this matter. Installing tints is NOT illegal in the country; in fact, the government recognizes the benefits and importance of having window tints for the safety and security of drivers and passengers. However, very dark tints are […]

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Choosing a Dashcam in Davao That Will Make Your Car Safer on The Road

Dashcams in Davao are perceived to be essential vehicle accessories because of the benefits they provide. They are not just fancy additions that make cars look luxurious. They can also help make every ride safer. How do dashcams in Davao add a layer of protection to your motoring life? Think of them as the equivalent […]

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Equip Your Car with a GPS System: A Trusty Travel Companion

If you like to travel and visit a lot of places, then you must not miss a tourist spot like Davao during the summer holidays. Davao is the largest city in the Philippines, and you can enjoy the beauty of lakes, museums, parks and other tourist attractions in Davao. The only problem that you could […]

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