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Why Should You Choose Ceramic Window Tint?

There are several window tint options available in the market, which makes it challenging for consumers to choose the one that is right for their car windows. These window tints come with various properties and serve various functions. Then there is ceramic window tint, which is leading the window tint industry in terms of quality, protection, and appearance that it provides.

The ceramic window tints do not contain dyes, or materials like metal, or carbon. They are particularly made up of ceramic-based nanoparticles that are practically invisible to the naked eye. Now, drivers will have an easier time seeing the road with ceramic window tint compared to other window tint options. You can get ceramic tint for your car window at your favorite store in Davao.

Here are the benefits of ceramic window tint that make it superior to other window tints:

Protection from UV rays

While untinted windows filter out a few UVA and UVB rays naturally, they do not provide the utmost protection from UV rays. Exposure to sun rays for a long time can cause various skin and eye problems, including skin cancer, cataract, macular degeneration, or melanoma. Applying ceramic tint blocks 99% of harmful UV rays and protects you and the items inside the car from sun damage.

Less glare

Glare is one of the causes of road accidents that can destroy a person’s life. It is not only annoying but potentially dangerous for a driver’s life. The strong and dazzling light from the sun that falls on the windows causes your eyes to strain to focus, which increases the risk of an accident due to unclear vision while driving.

Ceramic window tints have anti-glare properties that reduce sun glare on the driver and help them focus on the road. it has significantly contributed to reducing the number of accidents due to sun glare. It only let 50% of the light through the car window enter your car, which makes it easier for you to maintain a clear vision.

Energy efficient

 Quality ceramic window tint also blocks 80% of the infrared light. Infrared rays are responsible for the heat that you feel from the sun. Since ceramic window tint blocks the majority of infrared rays, it contributes to reducing heat inside your vehicle.

Even if your car is parked under the sun, the infrared rays will be blocked by ceramic window tint, and save energy and money. You will not have to run the A/C at maximum at all times. It will put less strain on your car engine, gas tank, and thus your wallet.

Enhanced privacy

Since the ceramic window tint does not contain dyes, it doesn’t affect the visibility of the car windows. But it ensures that you get the utmost privacy inside your vehicle. No one will be able to peek inside the car through the windows, which will deter those who would have broken into or jacked your car from seeing something valuable inside.


Ceramic window tint has all the features of a perfect window tint and more. It ensures the safety and security of the driver and the passenger inside the car from major external threats, including the sun, burglars, onlookers, or accidental glass breaks. Ceramic tint targets all the needs of window film application, and you should get one for your car too.

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