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There’s no doubt about it: tinting your car’s windows make it look better. Our indoor, air-conditioned Tint Room, dust and pollution controlled is always full for samples to be actually diagnosed for your convenience before making an informed purchase decision.
Our tint installers work for us full time unlike other stores that rely on freelancers and are applied on open air conditions where dust and pollution particles come standard.

If you’re looking to get car or home window tinting done in the Philippines, or in Davao in particular, Tint Room Davao is your go-to place to do so. We provide you with an indoor, air-conditioned Tint Room, which is dust as well as pollution controlled. This particular room is always equipped with samples to be diagnosed upfront for the convenience of our customers before they make the final call. In addition to lending your car with a delicate ceramic tint, we also offer free removal of old tints.

Over 15 Years of Experience in Window Tinting

Unlike other stores that mostly bank-in on freelancers, our tint installers are devoted to us full-time. The ambience in which we do the car tinting in Davao is pristine with no open-air conditions allowing dust and pollution particles to settle in. Our store, which has been freshly renovated, flaunts an air-conditioned customer BLUE Lounge that not only gives high speed WIFI, but also 120 channels of cable, ergonomic seating, and free drinks on the house, which even makes the waiting time worthwhile for those availing our services.

Best Car Window Tinting Prices

We know that you want to spend your hard-earned money on a store that actually values your hours of labor, which is why we’re extremely transparent with our price guide. We don’t believe in misleading or misguiding our customers, and hence, state everything outright before you zero in on the services you require for your car.

What You Notice First Is How Great Your Car Looks with Car Window Tints!

These are the factors that are imperative to every automobile enthusiast, which is why our website contains as much in-depth information as possible. There will always be centers providing services that vary in quality, but Tint Room Davao believes in bringing the best products and the best warranty to its loyal customers. There are no games or gimmicks involved, and at the end of the day, you will love how your car looks once you’ve had the car tint in Davao service done from us.