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Car Ionizers: Do They Really Work?

Most car owners never think about the quality of the air inside their cars. However, it is a topic that requires their attention. Do you know that we spend approximately 5.5 percent of our life inside our cars? It is a significant amount of time to be in bad air. Further in this blog, we will be learning more about the poor quality of the air inside cars and the solution to deal with that.

The quality of air inside a car

When talking about air pollution, people often think about the outside air. The elements that can pollute the air include smog, industrial emissions, wildfires, etc. However, these factors can also decrease the quality of indoor air. Indoor air pollution is also an issue for cars. Polluted air inside your car can be harmful to your and your family’s health.

So what is the solution?

Car ionizers play a vital role to improve the quality of air inside vehicles. They use a different mechanism than the HEPA filters, which are common for residential as well as commercial use. As they are designed for automotive use, they are usually compact units that can be plugged into a cigarette socket. They can even sit in a cup holder and can be powered by USB.

Rather than purifying the air, they eliminate the ions which are the molecules that have a positive or negative charge instead of neutral. So the ionized particles of several allergens and odorous materials either stick to surfaces or with each other. With this, they don’t float in the air.

Why car ionizers

Many people think that is it worth investing in a car ionizer. If you also think that, look at the benefits of car ionizers below.

Provide fresh cabin

As we have mentioned earlier, we spend a lot of time inside the car thus the air inside the car should be fresh. Car ionizers can reduce odors while improving the air quality inside the car. You can buy them just like any other car accessories online from a reputed dealer.

Monitor the air quality

If you live in a city and there are construction sites around your place, you might be concerned about the air quality inside your car. Do you know most car ionizers can monitor the quality of the air entering their systems? It allows you to decide if you need to opt for a more advanced method to purify the air.

Eliminate the allergies

If you or anyone in your family has allergies, the ionizers can help in the best possible way. They can cut back on pollen, dust, and other small particles in the air. This results in lesser allergies as they are the major source of itchy eyes or sneezing.

To sum up

You can buy car ionizers from any reputed online store. They can drastically improve the quality of air inside vehicles. They are compact devices and come with dual USB ports thus you can charge your mobile, tablet, and devices. They can deal with dust, pollen, germs, virus, and PM 2.5. Moreover, they are easy to plug and operate.

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