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How To Track and Stop Fleet Speeding

As a fleet manager, you are responsible for the safety of the fleet. You make sure that all your vehicles leave and reach the destination safely without any problem to the drivers on roads. And for this, you try everything. But, still, things don’t work as expected. 

One of the major reasons for this is fleet speeding. Even if the drivers are properly trained and taught about the traffic rules, they exceed the speed limit every day. They do this either by choice or in the pressure of reaching early to the destination. 

No matter what the reason for speeding is, the drivers put themselves as well as other drivers at risk. Also, it affects the company as well. For example, if your fleet drivers exceed the speed limit, the fuel consumption will increase because speeding burns extra fuel. Other than this, speeding increases the risk of accidents and unnecessary wear and tear. The worst thing is the company suffers from bad publicity. 

It means one wrong action can risk so many things, including your vehicles, employees, and company. 

As you cannot always travel with drivers to keep the speed within limits, you should keep track of the driver’s speed using a GPS vehicle tracker and take some strong steps to overcome them now and forever. 

Tracking of drivers’ speed 

Implement driver scorecards in your organization- Just like report cards in schools, you should have driver scorecards in your organization. The role of both the cards is the same. You will have to score the drivers based on their performances on road through a GPS vehicle tracker. Once you list all the parameters in the tracking system, you will get all the details. With this, you will know which driver needs additional training or discipline. 

Define speed limits and set alerts- As a fleet manager, you know where your drivers are going or usually they go. So, along with setting a default speed limit in the tracking system, you should define special limit zones. You should check out the maximum speed limits of different areas and set them accordingly. If the drivers exceed the set default speed limit or the speed limit of the special zones, they will get the alert. This will help them come back to normal speed and protect your company from speeding violations. 

Plan the right routes- For one destination, there are different routes. The only difference is some routes are long and some are short. But, your focus should be the efficiency of the road so that your drivers can reach on time without speeding. With the help of a GPS vehicle tracker, you should plan, change and execute the best routes for your drivers. 

Stopping the drivers’ speed

Train the drivers- If you think drivers are making this mistake due to lack of training and discipline, you should arrange for the same. It’s because education and training are very important for the drivers to follow good driving habits. You should inform them about the risk of speeding. 

Give incentive to the drivers- Scorecard shouldn’t just be your trump card to keep the drivers within the limit; you should reward them based on the same. You should give incentives like some special benefits, bonuses or prizes. This will keep the drivers encouraged. 

To prevent your drivers from speeding and violating other traffic rules, start using GPS vehicle trackers. 

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