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Can a Dashcam Drain Your Car’s Battery?

Many people don’t believe the fact that a dashcam can drain the battery of their car. There are reasons why dashcams can drain the battery of your vehicle but fortunately, you can prevent it from doing so. Further in this blog, we are going to learn more about dashcams and how you can prevent them from draining the battery of a car.

How does a dashcam work?

Dashcam works using the power from your vehicle. They record everything when the camera detects motion. Some dashcams start recording whenever they detect any collision or whenever you are driving around. All kinds of dashcams need to be hooked up to the main console of the car.

Can you leave the dashcam plugged in overnight?

It is not required for you to leave the dashcam plugged in and running all night. This is the same thing as leaving the headlights of your car on overnight. This may drain the battery of your car. Leaving the dashcam plugged in overnight can also bring unwanted attention to your car which may lead to criminal activities. So it is vital to remove anything important from the dashboard out of sight.

How do dashcams get power?

Dashcams are often powered through your car’s cigarette lighter. With the advancement of technology, you can buy dashcams with a USB adapter. And some of the dashcams even come with their own battery. But no matter what kind of Davao dashcam you buy, make sure to get it professionally installed to meet your goals.

Can a dashcam drain the vehicle’s battery?

Unfortunately, the answer is yes. The dashcams are powered by the cigarette lighter and their power supply is always on. This means they drain the battery of your car.

How can you prevent dashcams from draining your car’s battery?

Some drivers and vehicle owners prefer dashcams that can record all the time. For instance, they want to record when they park their car on the side of the main road as the possibility of a crash is huge at such places. The best thing you can do to prevent the dashcams from draining the battery of your car is to hook it up with another rechargeable battery. You can easily recharge such a battery at home or anywhere else while you are driving.

All in all

Dashcams are a convenient and effective tool to record the road ahead or behind whenever the car is on or when the device is hardwired into your vehicle or when it detects motion. It records the footage of any incident or unexpected situation such as an accident, reckless driving, or even a traffic stop. As long as the camera is on, it records the video of the field of view. It allows you to prove your innocence in case of a lawsuit.

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