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Best Car Accessories That Will Make Driving a Better Experience

Automobile accessories help improve the vehicle's capabilities and add style to it. These are a few add-ons that upgrade the look, improve performance and help smarten up the vehicle. One can classify the car accessories into the essential ones and the non-essential ones as per their need. 

If you want to uplift the aesthetics of your car, we recommend following the below-listed best car accessories that will make your driving a better experience. You can also check our page to buy some of the affordable Car accessories in Davao.

Here are the few things that any car driver can add and will be beneficial when driving:

1. Smart Car Charger

People often forget to keep the charger in their bags when traveling due to a busy schedule or other reasons. Using the smart car USB charger, one can power up their devices faster. It also supports a car locator feature using which one can easily hunt down their vehicle through the phone.

2. Phone Mount with a Magnet

You might have traveled to new places and often used Google maps to view the navigation. Now, imagine yourself driving with one hand and holding the phone in the other. Your chances of meeting an accident are high. Thus, it is best to buy yourself a magnetic air vent smartphone car mount. This car accessory has a super strong magnet to which you can attach your phone and swirl in all directions. All you need is to hook it to your air vent and place your phone on it for a smooth and safe drive.

3. Dashboard Grip Pad

Most drivers find it uncomfortable to keep the phone in their pockets while driving or place it on the dashboard. But, placing it directly on the dashboard can make it fall when you pull a break. Thus, it is best to buy yourself a Dashboard Grip Pad. You can place your keys, glasses, phones, earphones, etc., on a single plate. Its surface has a strong grip and holds all your belongings securely, even if you take a turn or hit a road bump.

4. Dash Cams

Dashcams features are not only limited to taking footage of a driver’s journey. You can record inside and outside of a car using dash cams. Whether you want to track your teenager’s driving or capture first-hand accident evidence, dash cams are a great investment. Buy the car accessory to record the dishonest or panicked drivers that often run away in case of an accident. Also, one can record their journey or make short clips using this tool. Buy the dash cams online at affordable rates with a click.

There are many more accessories that can be advantageous for your drive. Keep reading our blogs or subscribe to our newsletter to stay up-to-date on the latest car accessories and products. We have some of the best collections of car accessories in Davao. Visit to learn about the products, their features, and their pricing.

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