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Why Is Nano-tech Window Tinting the Best Choice for Residential Window Tinting?

Car window tinting has come a long way since its introduction. As technology is getting advanced, experts are inventing new ways on how to improve residential window tinting and help people make their homes more energy-efficient and save more money. One of the main reasons to hire residential window tinting services is to control the negative effects of the sun, for instance, heat, glare, UV damage, and fading.

By minimizing heat, homeowners can reduce the cost of air conditioning of their homes and increase the comfort factor. Glare reduction is necessary to improve visibility and reduce the strain on the eyes that glare causes. And rejecting UV rays allows homeowners to protect their skin and eyes from the damage and slow fading of interior paints, artwork, furnishings, and so on.

What’s more, one can choose from a variety of window tint shades in a way that complements their home well.

While there are different technologies for residential window tinting, one of the latest innovative technologies in this field is nano-technology.

What is Nano-tech window tinting?

Nano tinting refers to the cutting-edge technology that involves embedding nano-particles into multiple layers of film. This technology is becoming quickly popular among homeowners as it delivers exceptional performance while blocking up to 91 percent of infrared heat and 99 percent of harmful ultraviolet rays.

Nano tinting technology uses particles that are smaller than even microscopic particles as building blocks. These particles react with the sun’s heat and block the UV rays, both UV-A and UV-B type, more effectively and therefore offer better tinting benefits.

Thus, nano-technology makes it easier to create extremely capable high-performance films to meet the demanding requirements of the challenging tropical climate of the Philippines.

What makes nano-tinting technology better than traditional tinting?

There are various reasons that make nano-technology a much better and popular option. Some of these are:

Non-conductive film

Nano-tint films are known for their non-conductive nature, which means they are safe to apply on residential windows. They don’t interfere with AM and FM radios, satellite radios, GPS, and other security equipment installed in residential areas. No equipment that uses magnetic waves can malfunction due to the presence of nano-tinted windows.

Enhanced Optical Clarity

The main problem related to window tinting is that it reduces the clarity of the view. The introduced color often diminishes the clarity. However, with nano-tint films, you can feel relaxed as window tinting will not cause any darkness. So, you will keep enjoying nearly the same optical clarity with nano-tint films that you will enjoy with windows without tinting.

Sleek Appearance

Nano tinting offers a more sophisticated look to the residential windows. Its timeless and classic aesthetic appeal makes your residential windows more stylish. When it comes to beating the tropical summer heat, nano tinting sets the benchmark in the industry as it can block 91 percent of infrared heat. Plus, it also makes your home safer by blocking ultraviolet rays. Thus, if you are stuck between traditional tinting and nano tinting, choose only the nano-technology for residential window tinting for the best results.

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