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What Are the Different Types of Car Window Tints?

There are different types of car window tints available in the market. Different types of tints for car windows have different purposes to fulfill. While some types of window tints are simply meant for aesthetic purposes, others are functional and offer protection against harmful ultraviolet radiation and infrared rays. One of the most popularly used window protection is Ceramic window tint. You can easily find ceramic tint in Davao from a reputed tint supplier. 

Ceramic tints are majorly popular because they offer comprehensive protection to car windows. This well-engineered tint offers complete clarity with a blockage against UV rays and Infrared radiation as well. Ceramic tint is also effective in maintaining the cool temperature inside your car. 

Ceramic car window tints might not be the best option for you if you are searching for cheap options. While ceramic tints are quite expensive, they are premium products which makes them a cost-effective option. Let’s check what are the different window tint options available in the market. 

Ceramic window tints

Ceramic-infused tints for your car windows are made with advanced nanotechnology. There are multiple layers in this type of film made with microscopic particles of ceramic. These ceramic particles are nonconductive which allows them to block most UVA and UVB rays. Ceramic window tints also support signal strength for cell phones and other devices as they lack metal cells in them. The IR blocking feature of ceramic window tints also keeps the temperature inside the vehicle significantly low. 

Crystalline window tints

This type of window tint is infused with crystalline which makes them highly resistant to heat. Crystalline window tints are highly transparent and offer exceptional blockage against IR. The blocking technology of the crystalline window tints allows them to block heat and it has a darker appearance for better privacy. Crystalline window tints are also effective against most ultraviolet rays. 

Metallic tints

Hybrid dye or metallic films are combination films. The grey dye is combined with the flakes of titanium to form this hybrid tints that have high clarity and resistance to Ultraviolet rays. 

Dyed window tints

This type of window tint is made with liquid dye and polyester material. On the basis of the tint requirement, the application of dye is done on the inner material. The transparency or the VLT of the tint decreases if the tint is darker. Dyed window tints are quite less effective against the UV ray’s emission from the sun. 

Carbon color tints

Carbon color stables are infused with carbon tint materials. This type of tint has multiple layers of dye which makes them stronger and more durable. There are minimum chances of discoloration in this type of tints as they are made with high-quality dyes. 

Metalized tints 

Metalized tints got their name because they are made with flakes of metal. Harmful UVA and UVB emissions can be harmful to the interiors. Metalized tints also make the car window shatterproof. 

These were the different types of car window tints that you can get for your car. Get high-quality car window tints installed and ensure complete protection of your car.

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