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Things You Should Know About A Car Tint Installation

Car tint installation is necessary to protect your vehicle's interiors from getting damaged by the UV rays. Though the installation process is simple, you have to do it with utmost care. A precut tint kit, squeegee, spray bottle, tint solution, and a cutting knife are a few things you may need for window tinting. For a better understanding, here's a brief guide to know how to install car tints properly.

Preparing the windows

When it comes to the installation of car tint, the first step is to clean the windows. If the glasses aren't dust-free, you may end up with bubbles in the window tint that is impossible to remove.  Use a squeegee, a microfibre cloth, and a tint solution to cleanse the window's entire surface. Also, remove stickers or marks on the inside and outside of the windows. Avoid using solutions that contain vinegar or ammonia because it can damage the tint. Once both sides of the window are clean, cross-check the rubbers that hold the windows. Dirt, dust, or grime will deter the window tint from getting attached to the glass. So, it is quite necessary to prepare the windows before you begin the car tint installation process.

Applying the tint

Make sure your precut tint kit provides all pieces cut to the exact size of your car's windows. Once you are sure that it fully covers the glass, apply a generous amount of application solution on the window with a spray bottle. Peel off the tint's protective layer and place the adhesive side of the film over the window carefully. You should start at the bottom edge and apply it upwards, avoiding its crinkles and bubbles. Now, wet the outside surface of the film to provide lubrication for the squeegee. You shouldn't change the direction of the squeegee in mid-stroke and press it too hard.  When all the application solution and bubbles get wiped out, the film will automatically get attached to the glass. Likewise, install tint on other windows too.

The window tint will look the best if it is applied neatly. But, how well you carry out the process depends on your skill, proficiency, and patience. If you feel uncomfortable doing it yourself, look for a reputable car tint installation company. Professionals will deliver tinting service with precision in a dust-free and pollution-controlled tint room. They will not only remove the old tints but also guarantee favourable customer service.

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