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Is Ceramic Tint Worth The Hype? Let’s Find Out

Over the years, ceramic technology has evolved a lot. It is useful for so many things than just figurines, dinnerware, and tiles. You can protect yourself, your family, and the upholstery of the vehicle from the sun with the right ceramic tint in Davao. Further in this blog, we will find out whether ceramic tint is worth the hype. But before that let’s understand what ceramic window tints are made of.

What are ceramic window tints made of?

Ceramic window tints are the same thin sheets as the standard tint however they are coated with ceramic particles through nano-ceramic technology. These particles reflect the sun away from the vehicles. Thus, these tints repel UV rays, sun glare, as well as heat.

What are the benefits of ceramic car window tint?

Usually, window tints offer you a number of benefits. Nonetheless, ceramic window tint offers you a unique set of benefits. With ceramic window tints, you get:

A cooler car

With high heat resistance, the ceramic tint can keep your car cooler by rejecting 66% of the total solar energy. Moreover, it can reject up to 95% of the infrared rays coming from the sun.

UV rejection

The ceramic tint can provide up to 99% of UV rejection. This decreases your risk of developing skin cancer and getting tan.

Reduced glare

With a reduced glare due to ceramic tint, you can enjoy a safer and more comfortable drive. It also helps while driving at night when the headlights from other vehicles shine into your vehicle.

Feeling of safety

With ceramic tint, you get a mirror-like appearance that makes it hard for people to see inside your vehicle. Moreover, you get a clear view of the outside.

A range of colors

You can choose the shade of the tint according to your preference which means they are highly customizable. And the best part is that the clear tint works just like the darker one to block the UV rays.

Don’t interfere with electronic waves

The ceramic tints are made with advanced technology which doesn’t interfere with 5G and electronic devices such as radio and keyless.

Are they worth the hype?

Ceramic tints function differently from other kinds of tints. For instance, unlike the dyed tint, they don’t get fade or change opacity with time. If we talk about the metallic tint, they can interfere with cell phone service, GPS, and radio reception. However, the ceramic tint doesn’t do that. So we can say that ceramic tints are a more premium option than conventional products. With this, we can say that ceramic tints are totally worth it.

Professional installation is a must

To get the tint installed in the best possible manner in your vehicle, you must rely on professionals. It is wise to search online first and then visit the tinting shops. Choose the type of window tint depending on your needs as well as budget and get it installed with a guarantee of quality workmanship by professionals.

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