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Install Legal Car Window Tint in the Philippines

Before you install car window tint in the Philippines, it’s important to understand the laws and regulations regarding this matter. Installing tints is NOT illegal in the country; in fact, the government recognizes the benefits and importance of having window tints for the safety and security of drivers and passengers. However, very dark tints are considered as safety and security hazards. These tints may be too dark for the drivers to have a clear view when looking through the windscreen and rear-view mirrors thus, putting themselves and their passengers in danger.

Moreover, heavy tints also make the job of the police and rescue workers a lot more difficult. They obstruct the view from the outside, making it hard for authorities to spot offenders of the law against the use of communication devices and other gadgets while the vehicle is in motion and the law regarding the mandatory use of seatbelts. Heavy tinting also makes it harder to identify criminals, suspects, and victims. This is why the Philippine National Police strictly enforces road safety laws regarding heavily tinted cars.

So how do you make sure you are installing the right car window tint in the Philippines? There's still deliberation going on between the Land Transportation Office (LTO) and vehicle manufacturers regarding the right level of tints for various types of cars. Nevertheless, the LTO has provided a guideline that you can follow for now while waiting for the official law about car window tints in the Philippines.

Passenger vehicles - For the front windshield and front side windows of passenger vehicles, the LTO recommends using tints with 30% VLT (visible light transmission). The rear windows of both new and currently registered vehicles should remain clear.

Truck and passenger vehicle manufacturers - The windshield and front side windows of these types of vehicles should have tints with no more than 70% VLT. As for their rear windows, the same recommendation to that of passenger vehicles is given.

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