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How To Take Care Of Your Car's Tinted Window After Installation

Tinting your car is not merely a trend. There are many advantages to installing tinted windows in your car. The biggest benefit of car tint installation in your vehicle is that it protects your car from all kinds of UV and heat blocking. Furthermore, you can always rest assured as it provides you with the much-needed privacy and security while you are driving your car. Overall, car tint installation is a good idea, and you can always choose a reliable service to get it done for your prized possession.

Once your car tint has been installed successfully, you must make sure to maintain the same. Taking care of your car's tinted window after installation is not rocket science at all. The following tips will help you in keeping your car tint installation well and up-to-date:

  • After the car tint installation, it is important to keep your windows rolled up. Brand-new car tint installation may provide you instant benefits. However, the adhesive that helps to stick the tint to the glass needs its own time to dry up. It usually takes two to four days to set. You must therefore never role your windows down in that period, or else the tint might peel off.
  • Don't get scared if your car tint installation gets a hazy film or water pockets. This is because it is very normal for the car tint to form small water pockets under its film. This usually happens because of the presence of excess water between the tint and glass. It is recommended to rest easy as the water will evaporate on its own after a while.
  • Do not clean your windows immediately after the car tint installation. It would help if you waited for a couple of days before washing your car. Your tinted windows need some time to set. If your car requires urgent cleaning, use a microfiber cloth or soft paper to clean the windows. You can also use any car cleaner without ammonia to clean the tinted windows of your car.
  • Ensure that you don't bring your naughty kids and pets around your car right after car tint installation. Although window films are scratch resistant, however, this doesn't mean that they are scratch-proof.

Take care of your car tint installation by following the above-listed tips.


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