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How is Ceramic Tint Better Than Other Car Window Tinting Solutions in Davao?

When you often find yourself driving a hot car in Davao where the sun’s rays constantly make you feel blind, know that you need more than air conditioning and sunglasses. Now, the question arises is that, what is the best solution to avoid harmful rays of the sun and hot climate in your car? The answer is Car Window Tinting.

While there are traditional car window tinting solutions, you will get the best results by choosing ceramic tint in Davao. It will help you keep your car cool, protect your eyes from the harsh sunlight, and offer various other great benefits.

What makes ceramic tint a better solution for tinting car windows in Davao?

At the moment, ceramic window tinting is the best way to protect yourself and your car from harmful UV rays. Unlike other auto tints, the ceramic tint doesn’t contain any carbon, dyes, or metals that are conductive or can fade over time.

Ceramic tint is formulated using ceramic-based nanoparticles that you can’t see with naked eyes. Therefore, it is also called nano-tech window tint. A ceramic window tint film offers a greater range of window tinting percentages that promote visibility and reduce glare during both day and night.

While ceramic tint in Davao might be a bit more expensive than its alternatives, this nano-tech solution boasts the following benefits which make it worth every penny.

Makes Your Car Look More Sophisticated

Once you tint your car windows with ceramic tint, you will be able to ride in style as this tint imparts a sleek modern look to your four-wheeler. To suit the different needs of car owners, ceramic tints come in a range of shades right from dark striking shade to subtle ones that you will barely notice them.

Offers Protection Against Harmful Sun Rays and Glare

The ultraviolet sun rays are known to be notorious as they play a key role in destroying the interior of your car. They also pose a serious threat to your health, especially if you spend a lot of time driving your car. Untinted car windows might block some kinds of rays but not all. When these harmful UV rays come through your car windows, they can harm your skin and eyes as well.

Once you shield your car windows with ceramic tint, it will help protect your eyes and skin and also prevent fading and possible damage to your car interior. A high-quality ceramic tint can block up to 99.9 percent of UV radiation. Besides, it also improves your visibility by reducing glare which, in turn, reduces the chances of a car accident caused due to glare issues.

Cool Climate, Desired Privacy, and No Cell Interference

If you drive a car in Davao, you must have experienced the fiery hot interior in a car that’s been sitting for a while below the summer sun. With ceramic tint, you no longer have to experience this hotness because this tint helps you keep your car’s interior cool.

What’s more interesting is that, unlike metallic window tinting, it doesn’t cause any interference with cell phones and radio signals. Besides, it makes your car windows look darker and thereby offers more privacy and safety.

That’s not all. Choosing ceramic tint as a car window tinting solution in Davao means you won’t have to deal with peeling, bubbling, and fading auto tinting. Ceramic window tints come with superior durability and won’t degrade like low-end auto tinting options as they are scratch-resistant and can last for a decade. Many can even outlast the life of your car.  

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