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How Dark Can I Tint My Car in Davao, Philippines?

The trend of car tint in Davao is on the rise as it allows car owners to add a sleek look to their cars. But did you know that tinting car windows heavily is against the law? Of course, you can always tint your car because car tinting is legal in Davao, Philippines. However, there are restrictions on the darker shades of tint.

Why is it prohibited to heavily tint a car?

Too dark tints make it difficult for the Philippine National Police (PNP) to enforce laws on road safety when offenders hide themselves behind heavily-tinted cars. Plus, they make it almost impossible for police to recognize drivers who violate certain laws, especially the Anti Distracted Driving Act and Seat Belts Use Act. Hence, it is prohibited to heavily tint a car in the Philippines.

That’s not all. Prohibiting heavy car tints also protects lone female drivers from being targeted and their potential harassment. Thus, it is not just about seeing who is violating road safety rules but also about reducing the cases of harassment.

Then, why are car tints in the Philippines popular and legal?

The government of the Philippines acknowledges that car tints in any city of the country, including Davao, are necessary because of the tropical nature of the weather. That’s why people don’t hesitate when it comes to tinting their car. As long as you choose a shade that doesn’t violate legal regulations, you can tint your car as per your desire without worrying about anything.

Are there any guidelines for car tints in the Philippines?

Yes, car tint service providers in the Philippines are recommended a standard visible light transmission (VLT) of 30 percent for the front side windows and front windshield. However, the standard VLT varies for passenger vehicles and trucks. There are no regulations for tinting rear windows.

What happens if I choose the wrong shade for car tint?

First of all, if you have chosen a legal car tint service provider, they will consult you on how dark tint you can choose. In case you choose an illegal tint, they might refuse right away.

In case you get your car tinted with illegal shade and you are caught, the authorities will not ignore it. Since they know that car tint won’t magically disappear or can be replaced instantly, they will give you sufficient lead time to comply and fix the issue.

Are car manufacturers also required to avoid illegal tints?

Yes, the law for legal car tints applies to all, whether it is manufactured car tints or factory-tinted windshields. Automobile manufacturers are required to comply with the regulations stated for the grade of tints.

What about those who want to tint their car heavily due to some health conditions?

Car owners in Davao or any other city in the Philippines can apply for exemptions if they need heavy tint due to some health and safety concerns. The authority will evaluate this on a case-to-case basis. Thus, when you want a darker tint, it is better to seek consultation from a reputable service provider of car tint in Davao to ensure that you are tinting your car within legal boundaries.

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