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Choosing a Dashcam in Davao That Will Make Your Car Safer on The Road

Dashcams in Davao are perceived to be essential vehicle accessories because of the benefits they provide. They are not just fancy additions that make cars look luxurious. They can also help make every ride safer.

How do dashcams in Davao add a layer of protection to your motoring life? Think of them as the equivalent of CCTV. They are essentially surveillance cameras that record every trip. One of the reasons drivers invest in dashcams is that they can use the footage as evidence in case of a car accident. The footage recorded by the dashcam can help drivers facilitate car insurance claims and even prove their innocence in a trial court.

These days, dashcams are loaded with advanced features that make them more efficient and reliable on the road. If you are looking for a dashcam in Davao, here are some of the most important factors that you should consider.

Video resolution

You want to ensure that the video footage is sharp and clear. So, when buying, look for dashcams with HD 720p or higher. You can go for 1080p and 2k. These cameras can surely capture plate numbers, car models, and faces clearly. However, they make larger video files.

Storage capacity 

The higher the dashcam’s resolution, the bigger the files it creates—and the more storage capacity you’ll need. For HD 720p dashcams, a 64GB memory card is often enough. But for higher resolution cameras, you'll need bigger memory cards.

Night vision

Accidents happen, especially in the night when it's dark. While there are headlights and streetlights illuminating the dark road, they are often not a big help for dashcams. You should pick a model that has advanced camera technology that allows it to record clear videos even in low light or during the night.

Emergency recording

Some dashcams have this feature, which automatically takes emergency recordings upon detection of an impact. It will create a separate file containing the footage minutes before the impact. The recordings are kept safe in the memory card and are protected from being overwritten unless manually erased.

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