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Can’t See Through the Windshield in the Sun? Here Is the Solution

There is nothing more pleasing than driving on a beautiful sunny day. But this experience can be ruined when you are temporarily blinded by the glare from the windshield. It can reduce your field of vision, slow response time, and put you and others at risk.

But the good news is there are few ways to reduce sun glare and keep you safe on the road.

Tips to reduce windshield glare

Regularly clean your windshield

The reason behind glare could be sunlight hitting the dirt, oil, soap residue, dried washer fluid, and general debris that has accumulated on your windshield. So cleaning it regularly helps in reducing buildup and hence reduces the glare.

Fix the windshield cracks

Any fault in your windshield can reflect and bend sunlight to produce glare. Faults such as cracks can also affect the structural integrity of your windshield, making it more prone to accidents.

Use sun visor

Can you see that flap on the interior of your car? It can work like wonders to reduce glare. Apart from keeping a pair of sunglasses in your car, using the sun visor while driving is a quick and easy fix to sun glare. All you need to do is just flip it down and adjust it to shade your eyes.

Refill your wiper fluid

A wiper is a great tool to remove dirt and debris when glare is at its worst. Make sure to keep the fluid reservoir full and keep a jug with you in case it needs a refill on the road.

Replace the wiper

Wipers that are perfectly styled and sized for your vehicle make a huge difference and keep your windshield clear. Replace your wipers as soon as you notice them sticking, skipping, or leaving streaks behind.

What if you still can’t see through your windshield in sunny weather?

There is a much more stylish way to reduce the glare and that is known as car window tinting. Car tint reduces harsh glare and protects your car’s interior from the most harmful rays of the sun. It is applied on the side windows but it reduces sunlight that can impact your driving. Apart from that, a sun strip is a type of car tint designed to use for the windshield. It covers a small area on the top of the windshield that doesn’t line with the driver’s view. People often opt for a 5% film. It allows you to see out while letting in only 5% of sunlight. Thus, it reduces glare without hindering visibility.

In addition to reducing glare, car tint protects us from harmful ultraviolet rays as we are not safe from the sun’s UV rays even in our vehicles. These radiations enter through the windows and harm the skin as well as the interior components of a car.

Last words

Investing in car tint in Davao not only increases your comfort in a car by reducing the glare but also ensures your safety on the roads. Tint increases the life of the interior by reducing fading, cracking, and deterioration. If you want to learn more about car tint, don’t hesitate to contact the experts now.

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