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Benefits of Getting Car Tint in Philippines - What You Should Know?

However much may we like to get our car windows tinted and in different shades, we will have to restrict our exuberance to certain limits. There are certain rules and laws set by various governments regarding the extent to which tinting is permitted.

  • Tinting can be done only along 5 inches at the top of the windshield.
  • At least 35% light transmittance through the windows should be there.
  • All windows excluding the rear window should contain 2-way glass.
  • Reflective tint material is not allowed on any windows of any vehicle.

Mentioned above are some restrictions levied by the government against tinting. Given below are the advantages of tinting.

  • Tinted or coloured cars protect passengers from harmful UV rays.
  • It helps avoid road accidents by reducing glare while driving.
  • Tints prevent the glass from shattering in case of accidents. Tinted windows keep the temperature down during hot summer days.

There are many advantages of getting car windows and glass tinted in general, tinted windows offer many advantages.

  1. Tints provide privacy while travelling. It also prevents antisocial elements from knowing about the valuables inside the car.
  2. They keep the temperature of the insides of the car cool even when parked for a long time in the sun.
  3. Tints protect leather seats from cracking and peeling due to strong sunlight.

There are a wide variety of car tints available in the market e.g. Hybrid Tinting Film, Dyed Window Film, Ceramic Film, Metallized Window Film.

Ceramic tints are made of high-quality ceramic films known for blocking 50-70% of harmful UV rays. The material is more expensive as compared to others. Ceramic Tint Davao is a one-stop destination for all kinds of tinting and provides all varieties of tinting material.

Carbon- Carbon tints keep the temperature of the insides of the car in control.

Dye-tint - This is the most common type of car tint popular, especially in the Philippines. It gives the car necessary protection from heat and glare. This kind of tints is perfect for those with a limited budget.

Hybrid- Hybrid is a tint that is favourite with car owners because it gives them protection from the sun. It is a combination of dye and metallic ingredients. This kind of tint is reflective but not as reflective as the metallic tint. The price of this reflective tint is well within the reach of transport companies all over the country.

Car tinting is a delicate job and requires precision accuracy and expertise. Car Tint Philippines is well known the world over for the excellent service they provide in-car-tinting.

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