Want to increase the security of your property? Here is the solution

The security concern for your property can only be satisfied by taking the most appropriate measures. You can never be too careful when it comes to the security of your loved ones or your belongings. One of the necessary measures to take for the safety of your property is to install security window films to the windows of your home, office, or car from the best service providers near you.

There are so many devices and electronic equipment available to provide active protection against burglars, thieves, and other intruders on your property. Applying security window film to the windows of your home is a passive form of security. It is a significant addition to the measures you adopted for security purposes. They are versatile, affordable, and improve the aesthetic appearance of your property.

Here are some essential features of security window films you should know about to make an informed decision:

Protection from intruders

The alarms and other security devices installed at your property are effective in mitigating any forced entry into the property. But are they effective in preventing the intruder from damaging your property or stealing your belongings? Security window films have proved to be an effective security measure against thieves and burglars that not only stop them from breaking in, but also protect the inhabitants from injuries due to glass damage.

Protection from natural disasters

If you live in areas with severe weather conditions, then you must be aware of the damage that high-speed winds can cause to the windows of your property. It also poses a potential safety threat to the inhabitants. Natural disasters, including hurricanes and tornados, can easily break your home windows. The application of security window films provides extra strength to the surface of your windows and protects against injuries due to broken glass.

Protection from UV rays from the sun

While the security window films are majorly famous as physical security measures, there are window films designed to protect against harmful UV rays from the sun. Prolonged exposure to UV rays can cause various health issues, including skin cancer and premature aging. It can also cause your belongings to fade over time. It wears its color off before time and makes it look dull.

The window security films are made to help protect against harmful UV rays and protect your family and belongings from its harmful effects.

Improves aesthetics

How often do you change the glass of your windows to give your property a new look? It happens only in situations, like if the glass is broken and needs replacement. The security window films are chosen by people not only to enhance the strength of the glass on their windows but to also improve aesthetic appearance. There is a wide range of options for security window film applications varying in opacities and designs to create a secure and beautiful space for yourself.

Choose only professionals for the job to get the best services and experience. The experts will guide you to make the best decision considering your requirements. The benefits of installing securing window films are many, and you will not regret your decision.

Beginners Guide for Choosing the Right Security Window Films

The security window films are being opted by many people to enhance the security of their homes and cars. It has proved to be a perfect solution to ward off outside threats. It protects your residential or commercial properties and cars from break-ins, vandalism, and even the dangers of bomb blasts. Let’s start the discussion with the reasons why people are choosing the security window films:

Reasons for the increasing popularity of security window films

The various types of security window film

The security window films, are made by combining one or more layers of thinner protective window films to enhance the thickness of the material applied to your windows. These thin layers are laminated together using a special adhesive. The general rule is that the thicker the film, the stronger would be its effectiveness.

Therefore, the security window films vary based on their purpose of application. You can find a multitude of options on the company’s website providing window film services. For instance, there is the commander series, which includes the security window film commander 4, an entry-level security film suitable for your car or residential and commercial buildings. It protects your glass surfaces from regular wear and tear. It also blocks up to 80% of visible light coming through the windows and protects your belonging inside from fading due to constant exposure to sunlight.  

The type of security window film you choose depends on your requirements, and the company associates will be more than happy to help you figure out your ideal window film.

Things you should consider before security window film application

Security of your property is a crucial aspect, and the right decision of choosing the perfect security window film can only be made after a thorough security assessment of the property. It will provide you with the necessary details like where the security film needs to be used, the type of security film required, and the application methods to be used.

You certainly do not want to compromise when it’s the question of the security of your property or family. Trusting professionals with the job is your best bet to get high-quality material and hassle-free services. Choose the best ones in the industry with years of experience to ensure the safety of your family and belongings.

How much thickness is good for a security window film?

When you want to protect your home or vehicle from invasions, harmful rays, or sudden impact forces, security window films can prove to be very helpful and protective. They are designed to enhance the strength of regular window glass and keep the shattered glass together.

Sometimes, security window films are designed to protect from other issues as well. For example, certain security window films tint the window dark to some extent so that passengers and drivers in the car or people inside the building cannot be noticed instantly, reduce the heat, or prevent the damages caused by ultraviolet rays.

The Role of Thickness in Security Window Films - How Do I Find the Right One?

Security window films are made of typically more than one layer of polyester film, which are bonded together with special adhesives. The thickness of window films ranges from 4 mils (100 microns) to 14 mils (350 microns) or even more.

Protection against sun and transparency

Window films that are less in thickness (4 mils) are the ones that can be used for purposes like sun exposure control, heat rejection, and window tinting. They don’t protect you from burglars.

Protection against acid, scratches, and tagging

In case you want protection against acid etchings, scratches, and tagging, then an entry-level security film, such as Commander 4, will be the right and economical solution. Its thickness is also less so that you can easily remove it if your window happens to be badly scratched, tagged, or damaged by acid. That’s why this window film is often called the sacrificial layer.

Protection against possible break-in events

When you are looking for security window films that keep you secure from break-ins, you will need to make sure that the thickness is not less than 8 mils. A security film with 8-mil thickness can be used for mid-risk buildings, such as homes facing the roadside, lobbies, restaurants, malls, and automobiles.

However, if you also want privacy in addition to security from burglars, buy a security film that comes with the “dark tint” feature. The Darkview Machete 8-mil is a great example of a security window film that offers all benefits in one - protects you from heat buildup and ultraviolet rays, provides privacy with dark tint, and keeps you safe in the event of a break-in or bad weather.

Protection against forced entry, break-ins, and blasts

If you are in the need of advanced-level protection and safety in your home and automobile, you should look for security window films that act as blast shields and come in thickness varying between 12 mils and 16 mils.

This type of window film is the best solution when you are looking for extra assurance that you or your loved one won’t be harmed when the window glass is damaged by severe weather and earthquakes.

It provides a better chance at protection as it is more difficult to break during forced-entry events and is strong enough to handle bomb blast events.

So, when looking for security window films, first, you need to determine what kind of protection you want. Once you know the purpose, you can pick the right type of security window films easily.