GPS Vehicle Trackers Can Enhance Your Vehicle Maintenance Practices- Here's How

GPS car trackers have become a standard tool for companies that manage vehicle fleets. GPS car trackers are useful instruments for tracking vehicles and drivers, assisting organizations in saving money, increasing productivity, and improving safety. GPS car trackers can have a substantial impact on vehicle maintenance.

Regular maintenance is required to ensure the safety and efficiency of vehicles. However, tracking each vehicle's maintenance plan might be tough for businesses with a large fleet. GPS car trackers can assist organizations in monitoring vehicle performance and identifying maintenance concerns before they become major problems.

Here are several ways GPS vehicle trackers can help with vehicle maintenance:

Track Mileage and Usage: GPS car trackers can monitor a vehicle's mileage and frequency of use. Businesses can discover when a vehicle requires maintenance or is being operated incorrectly by analyzing this data. This allows businesses to schedule maintenance more efficiently, reduce the chance of failures, and extend the life of their vehicles.

Engine Diagnostics: Engine diagnostic capabilities on GPS vehicle trackers may monitor key performance indicators such as fuel usage, engine temperature, and battery power. This information can be used to identify potential maintenance concerns, like low oil levels or a failing battery. Businesses can lower the likelihood of breakdowns and prevent them by addressing these concerns early.

Identify Driving Habits: GPS vehicle trackers can also be used to monitor driving habits such as forceful braking and quick acceleration. These behaviors can impose additional strain on the engine and other components of a vehicle, increasing the danger of wear and tear. Businesses can enhance driver performance and reduce the likelihood of maintenance issues by identifying drivers who display these behaviors and providing focused training or coaching.

Maintenance Reminders: GPS vehicle trackers can also send automated reminders when a vehicle is due for maintenance. GPS vehicle trackers can help businesses remain on top of their maintenance schedules and ensure timely repairs by automating maintenance alerts. This can reduce the likelihood of missed appointments and improve an organization's overall maintenance performance.

Route Optimisation: GPS car trackers can also help with vehicle maintenance by recommending the best routes for each vehicle. Businesses can decrease wear and tear on their vehicles as well as fuel consumption and emissions by taking the shortest routes, leading to a more environmentally friendly operation.

In addition to these advantages, GPS vehicle trackers can help businesses save money on maintenance. Businesses may prevent more expensive repairs and extend the life of their cars by spotting faults early and scheduling maintenance more efficiently. This can help minimize their fleet's total cost of ownership, benefiting their bottom line.

It should be noted that GPS vehicle trackers are not a replacement for routine maintenance. Businesses must still follow manufacturer-recommended maintenance schedules and conduct routine vehicle inspections. GPS car trackers, on the other hand, can add an extra layer of visibility and control, allowing businesses to remain on top of maintenance needs and lessen the chance of unexpected breakdowns.

Finally, GPS vehicle trackers are effective instruments for optimizing vehicle maintenance. Consider investing in GPS vehicle trackers if you manage a vehicle fleet to improve maintenance performance and increase the safety and efficiency of your operation.

Car Accessories to Enhance Safety on the Road

Drivers all across the world worry a lot about auto accidents. There are techniques to reduce the danger of accidents and improve our safety when driving, even if certain mishaps may be out of our control. Installing safety-enhancing automotive accessories is one way to achieve this. We'll examine some of the automotive accessories that can increase road safety.

GPS vehicle tracker

The GPS vehicle tracker is one of the most crucial auto accessories that improve safety on the road. You can use a GPS tracker to view your car's current location, speed, and direction. In the event of theft or a missing car, it can also assist you in finding your vehicle. It is simple to track a car without the driver's knowledge, thanks to the GPS tracker's ability to be mounted in the dashboard or concealed in other areas of the vehicle.

Dash cams

Dashcams are another item that can improve driving safety. A dashcam is a camera that is fixed to your car's dashboard or windscreen. It captures video of your travels and may be helpful in presenting evidence in the event of an accident. Also, it can be helpful in identifying irresponsible drivers and documenting risky driving behavior.

Blind spot mirror

Road accidents are frequently caused by blind zones. By installing a blind spot mirror, you may increase visibility and get rid of blind spots. A small convex mirror known as a blind spot mirror is mounted on the side mirrors of a vehicle. It offers a broader field of vision and aids in removing blind spots, and improving the visibility of nearby vehicles and pedestrians.

System for lane departure warning

Another safety feature that can be added to your vehicle is the lane departure warning system. This technology employs sensors to identify where your car is in relation to the lanes. The device will warn you audibly or vibrate the steering wheel if your automobile wanders out of its lane without signaling.

First aid kit

An emergency kit can keep you secure and ready in case of an accident or malfunction. A first aid kit, a torch, a blanket, a tire gauge, and a set of pinafore cables should all be included in the kit. While you wait for assistance, keeping an emergency kit in your car can keep you secure and at ease.

Take all necessary precautions to keep you and your loved ones safe on the road because car accidents can be disastrous. Adding safety-enhancing automotive accessories can significantly lower the chance of accidents and keep you safe. GPS vehicle trackers stand out among the other safety accessories since they not only aid in preventing theft but also help with real-time vehicle tracking, which can be helpful in an emergency.

Why You Must Install a GPS Tracker in Your Car?

One of the biggest investments made by people in their lifetime is their car. However, it is important that you take proper care of your car or you might end up at a great loss. Your car can get stolen within almost no time if you are not careful enough. However, it does not mean that you need to keep an eye on your car all the time. This task can be done by a GPS vehicle tracker installed in your car. 

Installing a GPS tracker in your car can offer guaranteed protection of your car from potential theft. The basic task of a GPS tracker is to help you access the real-time location of the car from anywhere anytime. While this is a basic feature of a GPS tracker, there are several other features that ensure the comprehensive safety of the vehicle after the installation of a GPS tracker. 

Not only individuals, but business owners with fleets can also rely on GPS tracking systems. In fact, fleet management can be much easier and better with the help of a GPS tracker. This is possible because GPS trackers offer more than the mere real-time location of the vehicle. It also provides the owner with the journey history of the vehicle, data on driver behavior, and reminders for maintenance. Do you still doubt that installing a GPS tracker shall be an ideal decision for your car? Well, the following are some more reasons why it is important to install a GPS tracker in your car:

Access to the real-time location of your vehicle

There could be a situation when you would park your car at a place and then you might not be able to find your car back. It is obvious that you would be worried about your car and might assume that it has been stolen. However, with the help of a GPS tracker, you can easily find the location of your car. There are high chances that you have only forgotten where you parked your car and a GPS tracker allows you to find your car back. 

Quick recovery of stolen vehicles

Theft is a prevalent crime and you cannot afford to lose your car to carjackers. You can choose to install a GPS tracker and ensure that it is easy to recover your car even if it is stolen by any chance. The tracker will allow the police to track the real-time location of the car and access it with the thieves. 

Useful in emergency situations

If you are stranded in a remote location and your phones are also stopped working, then you can take the help of the GPS trackers in such situations. You can easily contact emergency services through your GPS device and it will let them know your location as well. It is easier to track your vehicle at any location if it has a GPS tracker in it. 

These were some of the important reasons why you must install a GPS tracker in your car. However, there are several other reasons as well. In a nutshell, you should get a GPS tracker for your car and ensure its safety.

How To Track and Stop Fleet Speeding

As a fleet manager, you are responsible for the safety of the fleet. You make sure that all your vehicles leave and reach the destination safely without any problem to the drivers on roads. And for this, you try everything. But, still, things don’t work as expected. 

One of the major reasons for this is fleet speeding. Even if the drivers are properly trained and taught about the traffic rules, they exceed the speed limit every day. They do this either by choice or in the pressure of reaching early to the destination. 

No matter what the reason for speeding is, the drivers put themselves as well as other drivers at risk. Also, it affects the company as well. For example, if your fleet drivers exceed the speed limit, the fuel consumption will increase because speeding burns extra fuel. Other than this, speeding increases the risk of accidents and unnecessary wear and tear. The worst thing is the company suffers from bad publicity. 

It means one wrong action can risk so many things, including your vehicles, employees, and company. 

As you cannot always travel with drivers to keep the speed within limits, you should keep track of the driver’s speed using a GPS vehicle tracker and take some strong steps to overcome them now and forever. 

Tracking of drivers’ speed 

Implement driver scorecards in your organization- Just like report cards in schools, you should have driver scorecards in your organization. The role of both the cards is the same. You will have to score the drivers based on their performances on road through a GPS vehicle tracker. Once you list all the parameters in the tracking system, you will get all the details. With this, you will know which driver needs additional training or discipline. 

Define speed limits and set alerts- As a fleet manager, you know where your drivers are going or usually they go. So, along with setting a default speed limit in the tracking system, you should define special limit zones. You should check out the maximum speed limits of different areas and set them accordingly. If the drivers exceed the set default speed limit or the speed limit of the special zones, they will get the alert. This will help them come back to normal speed and protect your company from speeding violations. 

Plan the right routes- For one destination, there are different routes. The only difference is some routes are long and some are short. But, your focus should be the efficiency of the road so that your drivers can reach on time without speeding. With the help of a GPS vehicle tracker, you should plan, change and execute the best routes for your drivers. 

Stopping the drivers’ speed

Train the drivers- If you think drivers are making this mistake due to lack of training and discipline, you should arrange for the same. It’s because education and training are very important for the drivers to follow good driving habits. You should inform them about the risk of speeding. 

Give incentive to the drivers- Scorecard shouldn’t just be your trump card to keep the drivers within the limit; you should reward them based on the same. You should give incentives like some special benefits, bonuses or prizes. This will keep the drivers encouraged. 

To prevent your drivers from speeding and violating other traffic rules, start using GPS vehicle trackers.