Why Should I Invest in a Dash Cam?

A dash cam or dashboard camera is extremely popular among car owners because of its several benefits. It is a camera that is mounted on the dashboard of a car and it is meant to record while you are driving. A dash cam records everything happening on the road as well as inside the car. So it can be used for several purposes. Here is a more detailed insight into the benefits of dash cam in Davao.

Evidence of car accidents

This is the top reason why millions of vehicle owners have been investing in dash cams. These cameras start recording as soon as you start the engine. With that, you can have efficient evidence of accidents. In case your vehicle is involved in the accident but it wasn’t your fault, you can prove your innocence. The dashcam can provide you with strong evidence to defend yourself.

Report bad drivers

With a dash cam, you can report other non-disciplined drivers. Not only they are reckless, irresponsible, and bothersome, but they also put the lives of others at risk. Nonetheless, reporting a reckless driver cannot be a cake walk and this will require proof. So a dash cam gives you proof against reckless drivers. You can use them against reckless drivers and those who use phones while driving.

Safety of your drivers

Do you doubt the driving skills of your teen? Do you own a taxi company and you think that your drivers use the vehicles for their personal use? If that is the case, the dashboard camera can help. Many modern dashcams come with GPS trackers embedded in them. Thus, apart from recording every single thing happening inside and outside of the car, a dash cam can note the speed as well as the routes of the vehicle.

Range of functions

You will be amazed to know how many features dash cams can offer. These high-quality cameras come with several useful features that can benefit you in a number of ways. For instance, many dash cams have audible notification features. It helps you to stay up to date with the recording process. It makes you aware of issues regarding storage and more. Apart from the embedded GPS, you can get a low battery usage feature. Some cameras even rely on external batteries which increase their lifespan.

All in all

You cannot underestimate the abilities of dash cam! Most of the videos of car accidents that you watch on the internet are actually caught on dashcams. Simply put, a dash cam in Davao can allow you to record things when you least expect them. Dash cams have countless benefits and we can’t even list them in a single post. So buy a quality dash cam now and experience its surprising benefits.

Everything that you should know about Dashcams

Are you considering purchasing a dashcam for your vehicle? If so, you've come to the right place! In this blog post, we'll discuss everything you need to know about dashcams, that you should know before making your first purchase, including how they work and their types. It will provide you with enough details you need to buy the best dashcam for your vehicle in Davao.

What is a Dashcam? 

A dashcam is a small camera that is mounted to the dashboard or windscreen of a vehicle. The camera records footage of the road ahead while you are driving, providing a visual record of everything that happens during your journey. 

How Do Dashcams Work? 

Most dashcams are powered by the cigarette lighter socket in your vehicle, and they start recording automatically when you turn on the ignition. The camera records footage onto a memory card, which can be inserted into a computer or TV to playback the footage. Some dashcams also come with GPS tracking, which means that the footage can be tagged with the location and time of day. It can be useful if you need to provide evidence to the police or insurance company following an accident. 

Types of dashcams

Considering their various features, dashcams can be divided into three major categories- basic ones, advanced ones, and interior/exterior dashcams.

Basic Dashcam: These dashcams are attached to the dashboard and capture the road ahead when activated. These dashcams have a set-it-and-forget appeal as they activate automatically and start recording when you start the car. They are hardwired into a vehicle’s electrical system into the 12V socket. Some even consider including built-in lithium-ion batteries. These are among the most useful and affordable dashcams with features such as removable built-in storage, providing more control over the recorded content.

Advanced Dashcam: Dashcams available in the market are generally simple with essential features. The few with advanced features can be categorized as an advanced dashcams. They could include various advanced features such as audio recording, GPS logging, Speed sensors, Accelerometers, uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), etc. 

Interior/Exterior Dashcam: Some dashcams have two cameras instead of one. One of the cameras is installed facing the windshield, and the other facing the interior. There are two primary purposes for installing these dashcams. First is to allow parents or guardians to monitor their kids' driving behavior, and second, they enable users to surveil the interiors as well as the exteriors of their vehicles. 

This type of dashcam is also helpful in enhancing the security of your vehicle when parked. If you set one of these cameras on record mode while your car is standing attended somewhere, it can record video evidence of theft or hit-and-run accidents.

Final words

As no one size fits all, dashcams are available with various features to cater to the needs of consumers. It enhances the security of your vehicle from thefts and accidents, and provides valuable evidence when claiming your insurance money. You can take professional opinion into account when buying dashcams for your car. They would suggest you the best solution based on your requirements.