How Ceramic Tint Works and Why It's Better

Just like any other accessory, you can find a variety of options when you start the hunt for automotive tinting. Among these options, ceramic tint stands out because of its modern technology and exceptional performance. However, how does ceramic tint work, and what differentiates it from other kinds of window tint? We are going to find out the same in this blog. Let's examine the science of ceramic tint and see why it's considered as a better choice when it comes to window tinting for cars.

Composition of Ceramic Tint

Unlike traditional dyed or metalized tint, ceramic tint is created by using ceramic particles placed in a thin layer of film. Since these ceramic particles are usually non-metallic and non-conductive, they may reject heat and provide great visibility without interfering with radio signals or electrical equipment like GPS or mobile phones. This composition makes ceramic tint stand apart from other kinds of window tint and gives it its unique qualities.

Infrared Rejection

The heat of the sun not only makes the interior uncomfortable but also puts more load on the air-conditioned system, resulting in higher power consumption. The infrared rays of the sun are responsible for this harmful heat. However, you don’t need to worry if your car has a ceramic tint as it can efficiently filter a large percentage of infrared radiation even on the hottest summer days.

UV Protection

UV radiation is more harmful than you might think. Longer exposure to UV rays can cause not only tanning but severe conditions like skin cancer and premature aging of the skin. Moreover, UV radiation may fade and harm a car's interior materials. Up to 99% of UV rays are blocked by ceramic tint, protecting car interiors from deterioration and drivers from exposure to the sun.


Ceramic film's ceramic particles ensure that the color will stay flawless for many years to come by resisting fading, bubbling, and peeling. Moreover, these tints resist scratches, preserving their look and functionality even in abrasive driving environments. So if you are someone who looks for a considerable return on every investment, make sure to invest in ceramic tint in Davao.

Non-Interference with Electronics

As we have already mentioned in the first point, unlike some metallic window films that can interfere with electronic signals, ceramic tint is non-conductive and does not affect the operation of GPS, cell phones, or radio signals. This means you can stay connected and enjoy your favorite device without any interruptions while on the road.

In a nutshell, ceramic tint offers a perfect combination of advanced technology, superior performance, and durability. You can enjoy a comfortable ride while ensuring the safety of the interior of your vehicle with these tints. So don’t need to wait any longer! Contact us today at Tint Room Davao to clear all your doubts.

How Ceramic Tint Enhances Visibility and Comfort for Drivers

Davao, which is renowned for its beautiful scenery and tropical environment, has particular difficulties for drivers which include controlling heat and sunshine. Enter ceramic tint, a cutting-edge fix that greatly improves visibility and comfort for drivers traversing Davao's roads while going beyond aesthetics.

Heat Reduction

The sun in Davao may be very strong, making the interior of your car unpleasant. Ceramic tint makes driving more comfortable by preventing heat from entering your vehicle, especially on Davao's famously hot days. Because less energy is required for your air conditioning system to maintain a comfortable temperature, this heat decrease also helps with fuel economy.

Glare Reduction

In Davao, solar glare is a common problem when driving, especially throughout the day. Ceramic tint works wonders in cutting glare, giving you a more pleasant and clear view of the road. This is especially useful when traveling through regions with reflecting surfaces, such as glass buildings or bodies of water. Ceramic tint improves vision by reducing glare, so you can concentrate on the road instead of being distracted by the bright sun.

Protecting Against Harmful UV Rays

Because of the city's warm temperature, Davao's citizens are well aware of the significance of sun protection. In addition to improving driving comfort, ceramic tint in Davao shields you and your passengers from damaging UV radiation. Long-term UV radiation exposure raises the risk of skin cancer and can cause skin damage. As a barrier, ceramic tint blocks a large portion of UV radiation, giving you and your loved ones an extra degree of protection.

Preserving Interior Comfort and Aesthetics

The components inside your automobile might fade and deteriorate over time due to the sun's harmful UV rays. Ceramic tint blocks rays, preserving the comfort and attractiveness of your car's interior. This implies that the dashboard, upholstery, and other interior parts of your automobile stay in better shape for a longer amount of time. Maintaining the inside of your car also contributes to keeping its total resale value high.

Privacy Without Compromising Visibility

Many drivers are concerned about their privacy, and ceramic tint offers a useful option without sacrificing visibility. Ceramic tint keeps good visibility from the inside of your automobile while improving privacy by making it harder for outsiders to see inside. This function lets you experience a sensation of privacy without surrendering your view of the surroundings, which is especially useful in busy urban locations or situations with heavy traffic.

Long-lasting Performance in Davao's Climate

Davao's weather, which is defined by hot temperatures and occasional rainfall, necessitates long-lasting solutions. The durability and toughness of ceramic tint make it ideal for Davao's climate. Because it doesn't peel, bubble, or change color over time, its advantages hold for the duration of its life. The long-term solution that ceramic tint offers drivers in Davao is mostly attributed to its durability.

Bottom line

The adoption of ceramic tints in Davao goes beyond mere sun protection! It's a complete solution to improve comfort and visibility when driving. Ceramic tint proves to be a wise purchase for drivers, providing a safer, more comfortable, and cooler driving experience whether you're cruising the picturesque routes in the area or navigating the busy streets of the city.

What are Some Common Myths About Ceramic Tints?

The advent of ceramic tinting technologies has altered how we view window films. Numerous advantages are provided by it, such as increased privacy, UV protection, and energy savings. Despite the fact that ceramic tint in Davao has several benefits, there are certain misconceptions about it that have left buyers perplexed. 

We will dispel some of the most widespread misconceptions about ceramic tint today. Let’s start.

The cost of ceramic tint is unaffordable

The idea that ceramic tint is too expensive is one of the most pervasive misunderstandings about it. While ceramic tint is more expensive than conventional window films, it's vital to remember that this is an investment for the long run. Since ceramic tint is more long-lasting and efficient than conventional window films, you will eventually spend less on energy costs. Additionally, ceramic tint is more cost-effective than completely replacing your windows because it uses high-quality materials.

The reception of mobile phones will be hampered

The idea that ceramic tint will impair cell phone reception is another prevalent misconception regarding it. That is untrue. Ceramic tint won't disrupt cell phone communications but is designed to block UV rays and minimize glare. In order to maintain connectivity while driving, numerous ceramic tints have been specially created to provide great signal transmission.

The color of the ceramic is excessively dark

Some people think ceramic tint is too black and would give their car a dreary appearance. That is untrue. Although ceramic tint is intended to block UV rays and minimize glare, it comes in a variety of hues to meet a variety of demands. A lighter shade will let in more natural light, while a darker shade will increase seclusion.

It's tough to install ceramic tint

A further widespread misconception regarding ceramic tint is that it is challenging to apply. That is untrue. Ceramic window tint needs to be installed by a specialist, although it is not much more challenging to install than conventional window films. Ceramic tint is really easier to deal with than other types of tint, which leads to quicker and more effective installation times.

Your windows will be harmed by ceramic tint

Some people think that ceramic window tint will eventually harm their windows. That is untrue. Ceramic tint can really help extend the life of your windows because it is made to shield them from UV rays and lessen heat transfer. Ceramic tint is very simple to remove and won't leave any messes or harm behind.

In conclusion, there are a number of ceramic tint misconceptions that have perplexed customers. Ceramic window tint is more expensive than conventional window films, but it is a long-term investment that could ultimately save you money on energy costs. Ceramic tint is available in a variety of hues, is simple to apply, and won't obstruct cell phone reception. Additionally, ceramic tint is made to safeguard your windows and may even add to their lifespan. It's critical to know the facts and avoid being persuaded by unfounded misconceptions if you're thinking of installing ceramic tints on your car.

Is Ceramic Tint Worth The Hype? Let’s Find Out

Over the years, ceramic technology has evolved a lot. It is useful for so many things than just figurines, dinnerware, and tiles. You can protect yourself, your family, and the upholstery of the vehicle from the sun with the right ceramic tint in Davao. Further in this blog, we will find out whether ceramic tint is worth the hype. But before that let’s understand what ceramic window tints are made of.

What are ceramic window tints made of?

Ceramic window tints are the same thin sheets as the standard tint however they are coated with ceramic particles through nano-ceramic technology. These particles reflect the sun away from the vehicles. Thus, these tints repel UV rays, sun glare, as well as heat.

What are the benefits of ceramic car window tint?

Usually, window tints offer you a number of benefits. Nonetheless, ceramic window tint offers you a unique set of benefits. With ceramic window tints, you get:

A cooler car

With high heat resistance, the ceramic tint can keep your car cooler by rejecting 66% of the total solar energy. Moreover, it can reject up to 95% of the infrared rays coming from the sun.

UV rejection

The ceramic tint can provide up to 99% of UV rejection. This decreases your risk of developing skin cancer and getting tan.

Reduced glare

With a reduced glare due to ceramic tint, you can enjoy a safer and more comfortable drive. It also helps while driving at night when the headlights from other vehicles shine into your vehicle.

Feeling of safety

With ceramic tint, you get a mirror-like appearance that makes it hard for people to see inside your vehicle. Moreover, you get a clear view of the outside.

A range of colors

You can choose the shade of the tint according to your preference which means they are highly customizable. And the best part is that the clear tint works just like the darker one to block the UV rays.

Don’t interfere with electronic waves

The ceramic tints are made with advanced technology which doesn’t interfere with 5G and electronic devices such as radio and keyless.

Are they worth the hype?

Ceramic tints function differently from other kinds of tints. For instance, unlike the dyed tint, they don’t get fade or change opacity with time. If we talk about the metallic tint, they can interfere with cell phone service, GPS, and radio reception. However, the ceramic tint doesn’t do that. So we can say that ceramic tints are a more premium option than conventional products. With this, we can say that ceramic tints are totally worth it.

Professional installation is a must

To get the tint installed in the best possible manner in your vehicle, you must rely on professionals. It is wise to search online first and then visit the tinting shops. Choose the type of window tint depending on your needs as well as budget and get it installed with a guarantee of quality workmanship by professionals.

Why Should You Choose Ceramic Window Tint?

There are several window tint options available in the market, which makes it challenging for consumers to choose the one that is right for their car windows. These window tints come with various properties and serve various functions. Then there is ceramic window tint, which is leading the window tint industry in terms of quality, protection, and appearance that it provides.

The ceramic window tints do not contain dyes, or materials like metal, or carbon. They are particularly made up of ceramic-based nanoparticles that are practically invisible to the naked eye. Now, drivers will have an easier time seeing the road with ceramic window tint compared to other window tint options. You can get ceramic tint for your car window at your favorite store in Davao.

Here are the benefits of ceramic window tint that make it superior to other window tints:

Protection from UV rays

While untinted windows filter out a few UVA and UVB rays naturally, they do not provide the utmost protection from UV rays. Exposure to sun rays for a long time can cause various skin and eye problems, including skin cancer, cataract, macular degeneration, or melanoma. Applying ceramic tint blocks 99% of harmful UV rays and protects you and the items inside the car from sun damage.

Less glare

Glare is one of the causes of road accidents that can destroy a person’s life. It is not only annoying but potentially dangerous for a driver’s life. The strong and dazzling light from the sun that falls on the windows causes your eyes to strain to focus, which increases the risk of an accident due to unclear vision while driving.

Ceramic window tints have anti-glare properties that reduce sun glare on the driver and help them focus on the road. it has significantly contributed to reducing the number of accidents due to sun glare. It only let 50% of the light through the car window enter your car, which makes it easier for you to maintain a clear vision.

Energy efficient

 Quality ceramic window tint also blocks 80% of the infrared light. Infrared rays are responsible for the heat that you feel from the sun. Since ceramic window tint blocks the majority of infrared rays, it contributes to reducing heat inside your vehicle.

Even if your car is parked under the sun, the infrared rays will be blocked by ceramic window tint, and save energy and money. You will not have to run the A/C at maximum at all times. It will put less strain on your car engine, gas tank, and thus your wallet.

Enhanced privacy

Since the ceramic window tint does not contain dyes, it doesn’t affect the visibility of the car windows. But it ensures that you get the utmost privacy inside your vehicle. No one will be able to peek inside the car through the windows, which will deter those who would have broken into or jacked your car from seeing something valuable inside.


Ceramic window tint has all the features of a perfect window tint and more. It ensures the safety and security of the driver and the passenger inside the car from major external threats, including the sun, burglars, onlookers, or accidental glass breaks. Ceramic tint targets all the needs of window film application, and you should get one for your car too.

What Are the Different Types of Car Window Tints?

There are different types of car window tints available in the market. Different types of tints for car windows have different purposes to fulfill. While some types of window tints are simply meant for aesthetic purposes, others are functional and offer protection against harmful ultraviolet radiation and infrared rays. One of the most popularly used window protection is Ceramic window tint. You can easily find ceramic tint in Davao from a reputed tint supplier. 

Ceramic tints are majorly popular because they offer comprehensive protection to car windows. This well-engineered tint offers complete clarity with a blockage against UV rays and Infrared radiation as well. Ceramic tint is also effective in maintaining the cool temperature inside your car. 

Ceramic car window tints might not be the best option for you if you are searching for cheap options. While ceramic tints are quite expensive, they are premium products which makes them a cost-effective option. Let’s check what are the different window tint options available in the market. 

Ceramic window tints

Ceramic-infused tints for your car windows are made with advanced nanotechnology. There are multiple layers in this type of film made with microscopic particles of ceramic. These ceramic particles are nonconductive which allows them to block most UVA and UVB rays. Ceramic window tints also support signal strength for cell phones and other devices as they lack metal cells in them. The IR blocking feature of ceramic window tints also keeps the temperature inside the vehicle significantly low. 

Crystalline window tints

This type of window tint is infused with crystalline which makes them highly resistant to heat. Crystalline window tints are highly transparent and offer exceptional blockage against IR. The blocking technology of the crystalline window tints allows them to block heat and it has a darker appearance for better privacy. Crystalline window tints are also effective against most ultraviolet rays. 

Metallic tints

Hybrid dye or metallic films are combination films. The grey dye is combined with the flakes of titanium to form this hybrid tints that have high clarity and resistance to Ultraviolet rays. 

Dyed window tints

This type of window tint is made with liquid dye and polyester material. On the basis of the tint requirement, the application of dye is done on the inner material. The transparency or the VLT of the tint decreases if the tint is darker. Dyed window tints are quite less effective against the UV ray’s emission from the sun. 

Carbon color tints

Carbon color stables are infused with carbon tint materials. This type of tint has multiple layers of dye which makes them stronger and more durable. There are minimum chances of discoloration in this type of tints as they are made with high-quality dyes. 

Metalized tints 

Metalized tints got their name because they are made with flakes of metal. Harmful UVA and UVB emissions can be harmful to the interiors. Metalized tints also make the car window shatterproof. 

These were the different types of car window tints that you can get for your car. Get high-quality car window tints installed and ensure complete protection of your car.

Tips for Choosing the Best Auto Window Tinting Services

There are various factors one must look for when installing window tints for your car? If you are looking to purchase window tints and need some suggestions or advice, you have come to the right place.

Remember, the best auto window company will make sure that the work is done properly, and it will be for a longer period. Window tinting protects your car from all weather conditions and adds more privacy.

But, before choosing one for your car, consider the below-listed points when selecting the service provider in your area.

Things to Consider Before Hiring a Company for Window Tinting Service

  1. Check Reviews and References

You can find many companies online that are ready to serve you excellent service, but it is important to cross-check the companies' reviews and references. Many companies charge extra for the services and do not offer premium quality. Hence, look for the customer's testimonials by visiting their official websites or third-party sites disclosing more about their service quality.

  1. Look for Their Years of Experience

Instead of relying on an automotive company that has no experience, it is best to hire one whose professionals are skilled, certified, and experienced. By hiring a non-professional company, you will end up spending more money on correcting their faults and mistakes.

After checking the reviews, approach different companies and make sure to find out more about their years of experience.

An experienced company will streamline the whole process for you and offer guaranteed work.

  1. Cross Check Company’s Warranty

Let me tell you many companies offer window tinting services with warranties. No matter whether you are hiring one for the Ceramic Tint in Davao or other forms of window tinting service in your area, do not pay without a warranty.

What will you do if some issue develops within two days right after the installation? Will you again for the whole service? If you want to save yourself from heavy expenses, make sure to invest in a company that offers a warranty and checks for what all repairs do they provide coverage?

  1. Ask for a Portfolio

Portfolios act as proof showing how experienced and efficient a company is at performing car window tinting. It also adds a sense of guarantee that they offer what they claim. Make sure to view all their pictures and videos of past work before finalizing the company.

Do not miss out on any of the above-listed factors when choosing a company for car window tinting or ceramic tinting services in Davao. Make sure you apply them when searching for one for yourself. Also, try to get an estimate so that you can compare companies, their work experience, reviews, etc., and then make a final call.

How Does Ceramic Window Tinting Enhance Your Driving Experience?

Are you fed up with driving in a heated automobile with the sun's rays obscuring your vision? Shades and cooling systems can help, but did you know that better options are available?

Automotive window shade keeps your car cool while protecting your eyes from the sun's harmful UV rays. You should invest in ceramic tint in Davao if you want the best results.

What distinguishes ceramic window tinting from other window tinting options?

The best approach to protect yourself and your automobile from the sun's harmful UV rays is to use ceramic window tinting. It does not include any carbon, dyes, or metals that can fade over time, unlike typical auto tinting. The film offers a wide range of window tinting percentages, reducing glare and improving visibility at all times of day and night.

  1. Ride in Comfort

Tinted windows give every vehicle a sleek, stylish appearance. Ceramic window tinting is available in several colors, ranging from dark and stunning to so subtle that you'll hardly notice it. Select from a wide range of auto tinting options, including rich and brilliant film colors that will make your vehicle stand out!

  1. Protection from the Sun

UV rays from the sun are known for ruining automobile interiors and creating a health risk. Ceramic window tinting is an efficient way to protect your eyes and skin from harmful UV rays and excess light. It also protects the interior of your automobile from fading and damage.

Ceramic tints effectively filter bright light during the day and night, allowing you to see better while driving.

  1. Extremely Long-lasting

Ceramic window tinting is extremely durable and will not fade over time. It is scratch-resistant and built to endure a long time. Many window tints will outlast the lifespan of your car.

  1. A More Comfortable Interior Climate

Most of the sun's infrared radiation, which is responsible for heating automobiles and buildings in the sun, is blocked by ceramic window tints. Even when left in direct sunlight, lowering the number of infrared rays that enter your vehicle will keep it cooler.

That can also save you money on fuel because you won't need as much air conditioning to keep your car cool in the summer. Moreover, it helps your engine run more smoothly and saves you money on gas.

  1. Include Privacy and Security

Like most auto tinting choices, ceramic window tinting darkens your glass. People won’t be able to see inside your vehicle with darker windows. Compared to automobiles without window tinting, this provides more privacy and safety.

Ceramic window tinting also increases your vehicle's safety. In case of an accident, the sturdiness of the window tinting will protect you and fellow passengers from being harmed by fragments of glass.

Ceramic Window Tinting Enhances Your Driving Experience

Do you want to have a more secure and enjoyable driving experience? Ceramic window tinting in Davao can add style to your car while also improving safety and comfort.